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Liby Group's mixed solution for small dose product research and development

Issuing time:2023-04-08 16:16

A — Basic information of the case

Project Name:mixed solution for small dose product research and development

Customer Name:Liby

Project coordinates: Guangzhou City

Project start time: 2009

B — Project Background and Requirements

Guangzhou Liby Group began focusing on the development of daily chemical products in 1994 and has gradually become a national daily chemical brand. In the process of product development in the laboratory, low-dose testing is required, but the existing large-scale mixing equipment on the assembly line cannot meet the testing requirements of low dose multiple times and high efficiency in product development. So how can we reduce experimental costs and improve efficiency? Longhe has provided Libai with a mixing solution for laboratory use.

C —Solutions and Effects

In response to customers' needs for equipment that can be used in small areas such as office buildings and laboratories, is convenient to move, and can be used for heating and testing small doses of experimental materials, we provide customers with a full set of multifunctional laboratory mixing solutions.

In this scheme, implemented atomization addition; High temperature heating; the integration of corrosion resistance testing and mixed functions greatly improves the efficiency of laboratory testing.


D — Customer Acceptance

Machine usage and evaluation:

Installation and use:

Longhe engineers provide on-site guidance and pass the quality inspection

Personnel training:

Teach and train two engineers for the customers

Use Evaluation

Corrosion and rust prevention test:

√ Passed

Tested by mixing capacity:

√ Passed

Mixing effect test:

√ Passed

maintenance difficulty level:

√ Easy

Energy consumption noise test:√ Passedsealing effect test:√ Passed

There are dozens of comprehensive evaluation indicators in total, only 6 of which are listed above

②   After sales and other cooperation:

Longhe has been providing professional after-sales service for 13 years, and both parties have been satisfied till now. During this period, multiple experimental project machines were provided for customization.

E — Project Summary

We have always been committed to providing customers with personalized laboratory equipment customization solutions, tailored to local conditions. In the field of personalized equipment customization, we have also been deeply rooted for many years. In terms of equipment quality and after-sales service, we have received praise from many customers and are the best choice for purchasing multi-functional laboratory mixers!

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