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A case about recycling of injection molding waste and defective products from an electronic technolo

Issuing time:2023-04-27 15:31Author:LongheSource:original

A — Basic information of the case

Project name: Recycling of injection molding waste and defective products

Customer Name: Guangdong Electronic Technology Company

Project station: Guangdong

Project start time: 2001

BProject Background and Requirements

A certain electronic technology company in Guangdong is a specialized enterprise that produces and sells rubber products, plastic products, hardware tools, and electronic products. In the process of producing mobile phone covers, enterprises generate a large amount of the leftover material and injection molded rubber heads. These waste materials are numerous and bulky, which are not conducive to classified storage and reuse. In order to reduce material volume and improve reuse efficiency, enterprises need to purchase crushers for crushing treatment.

With the expansion of enterprise scale, the number of plastic products that need to be produced every day is also constantly increasing, and the plastic waste generated is also continuously accumulating. The scrap rate generated per ton is close to 10%, and the current purchase price of plastic raw materials in the market is nearly CNY20000 to 30000 per ton, which greatly increases the operating costs of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise has decided to recycle, treat, and reuse these waste materials, turning them into treasures and generating greater value.


CSolutions and Effects

After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer needs to carry out preliminary crushing of defective products and plastic waste, reduce material volume, and cooperate with equipment in the mixing, drying, and conveying processes for production connection. In this demand, the smaller the output size, the more conducive it is to the subsequent process. Therefore, we recommend a strong plastic crusher with a smaller output size. This type of crusher can customize the mesh size according to needs, and the output size can be controlled at 8mm, which can meet customer requirements for crushing size. The high-power design can also meet customers' daily processing needs of 5t. The performance and quality of the equipment are very satisfactory to customers!

Subsequently, due to the variety of product colors and materials, multiple powerful plastic crushers, horizontal color mixers, and hot air dryers were added to reduce material pollution and improve the utilization rate of crushed materials.


DSummary of the Four Projects

In the project follow-up process, communication with customers is always the most important. Through good communication, both parties can establish trust and have a more intuitive understanding of customer needs. Relying on Longhe's multi category products and customized services to meet these needs, we will solve the problems in injection molding production for customers and make them feel at home!

   On site technical services - on-site follow-up records   

A — Project Overview

Return visit time: 2021 Return visit        location: Guangdong

Inspection equipment types: crusher, mixer, dryer, chiller

B —   Equipment Overview

Strong crusher (operating condition: good)

  • Purchase date: 2001

  • Useful time: 20 years (as of this follow-up time)

  • Maintenance times: 3

  • Maintenance content: a.Worn belt replacement    b. Daily worn blades replacement    c. Button replacement

Horizontal color mixer (operating state: good)

  • Purchase date: 2002

  • Useful time: 18 years (as of this follow-up time)

  • Maintenance frequency: 4

  • Maintenance content: a Sealing ring replacement * 3 times b. Button replacement * 1 time


C — Existing Problems and Solutions

After on-site visits to the workshop, it was found that there were many metal objects in the workshop, which were easily caught in plastic during transfer and storage. Failure to remove them in a timely manner during the crushing process resulted in damage to the blade of the crusher. It is recommended to add high-strength magnetic strips at the feeding port for adsorption.

D— Customer Evaluation

Usage experience - Engineer Zhang: I have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and I have used more than ten brands in other companies before, only Longhe has been using them well. There's no big problem, it's just that the buttons sometimes break. The blue one was here when I came, and it has been used for over a decade.

Service experience - Factory Director Li: Our factory uses things from Longhe, and the service is very good. You came over today to discuss these details with us, which helped us improve workshop management.

E — follow-up summary

Longhe technical personnel conduct on-site visits through in-depth workshops. Discovered issues that were not discovered during phone follow-up, and helped customers further optimize and improve production management. At the same time, we obtained first-hand information through communication with frontline operators to gain a deeper understanding of potential problem points that may be overlooked, optimize the physical feel of Longhe equipment use, and enable Longhe and customers to progress together.

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